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Project Description

Starting with SQL Server 2005, there is some useful standard reports available in SQL Server Management Studio.
A report is curiously lacking in the collection from the beginning : something to look for the allocated and available disk space for the SQL instance. This custom report will show you this information.


System requirements and limitations

This custom SSMS report is intended to use only with Management Studio 2012 or later.
It is using the DMV sys.dm_os_info_volume_stats which is available since SQL 2008 R2 SP1, so it will work only to monitor instances of this version or later.

Report description

For each logical disk where there are database files, it will show :

- a graph with database files, other files and available free space

- an indicator for quick evaluation

  • red if there is now less than 10 % disk space available
  • yellow if there is now more than 10% available disk space, but it will be less than 10% after autogrowth of all database files
  • green if it will be more than 10% available disk space after autogrowth of all database files

- a table of detailled informations (sizes are in Mo)

- two jauges : the first one for actual available disk space and the second for available disk space after autogrowth of database files


Copy the rdl file to a folder that is accessible to the SQL Server Management Studio client. Right-click on the SQL instance in object explorer, select "custom reports" and browse to the location of the rdl file.


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